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Good Gout

Good Gout Meals

Good Gout Meals

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Welcome to the world of GOOD GOUT! Pronounced GOOD GOO, this French brand translates to Good Taste.

Good Goo makes a whole range of delicious organic products for babies and infants: small dishes, vegetable purees, fruit pouches, dairy desserts, cereals and mini-cakes. Recipes that are just like home- made, created by parents for parents! From fruit purees to healthy, balanced snacks, all the ingredients in Good Gout products are very short with no weird ingredients.

Good Gout’s mission is to awaken babies’ and infants’ tastes, from the start of weaning into solid food to the afternoon snack at school, by helping them discover the real taste of good fruit and vegetables!

With lactose- or gluten-free recipes, Good Goo is for all babies including those with intolerances or allergies.

• Good Goo Meals provides an entire meal in each sachet.

• Packed with energy, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, etc. – everything your growing child needs!

• Everything is organic, even the splash of olive oil.

• Environmentally-friendly: none of the ingredients have been mistreated with GMOs, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers during their rearing or cultivation.

• In accordance with current EU legislation, our flexible sachet is free from bisphenol A and phthalates.

• Requires much shorter sterilization of the ingredients than conventional baby-food in jars – and that in turn means the flavours are preserved better!

• Suitable for 6mos+

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