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Bamboo Dappy

Bamboo Dappy Cloth Diaper Starter Kit

Bamboo Dappy Cloth Diaper Starter Kit

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Did you know that most dispoable diapers don’t decompose until at least 250 years? This realization gave birth to what is now known as the DAPPY brand. Instead of using ordinary cloth, this line of diapers users bamboo fabric because of its inherent properties: softer and more absorbent, hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. It also gives better ventilation to babies’ skin. Most importantly, it’s earth-friendly.

DAPPY supports WWF and UNICEF programs that help ensure a sustainable future for our environment and our babies, and give every less fortunate child a life, a chance, and a choice. Every time you buy from DAPPY, P20 go to DAPPY’s WWF and UNICEF monthly donations. In this way, every customer contributes to DAPPY’s cause.

Includes 3 Bamboo Dappy Cloth Diapers and 5 Organic Cloth Pads

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