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Baby Moby

Baby Moby Disposable Diaper Bags

Baby Moby Disposable Diaper Bags

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Baby Moby is a product brand for children and is known for their high quality cotton products, such as: cotton wool and fabric. The Baby Moby factory was founded more than 50 years ago to produce cotton which are sent to leading hospitals throughout Thailand, and also exported to Japan. Under the same standards as the products used by doctors in the hospital, Baby Moby ensures that all its products are safe—for mothers and children.

Store used Baby Moby diapers while on the go with the Baby Moby Disposable Diaper Bags! Comes in baby powder scent that:
– Neutralizes diaper odors
– Can be used for all diaper andtraining pants
– Hygienic and easy-to-tie handles
– Quick and easy diaper disposal
– 60 bags per box

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