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Asha Jewelry

Asha Jewelry 50ml Spray Bottle

Asha Jewelry 50ml Spray Bottle

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Asha Amil is a teenaged wonder who makes adorable jewelry using characters from Lalaloopsy, Trolls, My Little Pony and others. Asha is a survivor – she was born with Sturge Weber Syndrome, which causes her to have visual problems like glaucoma, as well as frequent seizures due to an enlarged brain. She also suffers from a bone disorder called Kippel-Fell Syndrome, which gives her problems with her spine due to the fusion of her vertebrae. She cheerfully makes these jewelry herself to help her parents pay for all her medical expenses. Asha’s spirit is amazing! This child, weighed down by diseases and illnesses, remains cheerful and happy and is an inspiration to us all. Help support Asha by buying one of her beautiful works of art!

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