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Asdet Magnet Shorts

Asdet Magnet Shorts

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26 years and more than 2000 stores in big shopping malls around the world, Asdet is known as wearable skincare products. Because all of its products are not only fashionable and stylish, but also super soft and comfortable as well! Made with materials with health enhancing properties.

• Ergonomic design – Comfortable, Refreshing & Healthy
• Silver Fiber – Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, protects women sexual health
• Magnetic levitation magnet – Promotes blood circulation, speed up metabolism
• New Slim style microcapsule – tightening skin to reduce fat
• High carbon steel implant
• Recommended to use during postpartum stage

Size Guide:
M – Height: 155-165cm; Waist: 55-75cm; Hipline: 80-90cm; Recommended Weight: 80-120lb
L – Height: 165-175cm; Waist: 75-90cm; Hipline: 90-105cm; Recommended Weight: 120-160lb

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