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Asdet Cherry Pie Plus Women's Underwear

Asdet Cherry Pie Plus Women's Underwear

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26 years and more than 2000 stores in big shopping malls around the world, Asdet is known as wearable skincare products. Because all of its products are not only fashionable and stylish, but also super soft and comfortable as well! Made with materials with health enhancing properties.

• Patented technology: Collagen + Hyaluronic acid care your skin tenderly
• 3D seamless weaving, very comfortable
• Breathable, not stuffy, anti bacterial and disease prevention
• Ag47 Silver Fiber
• Silver fiber help to prevent bacterial growth and bad odor
• Design of buttock line & good tummy cover
• Collagen can fade stretch marks
• High-waist cut

2 pairs/box

Set A: Red and Pink
Set B: Nude and Black

Size Guide:
L – Height: 155-165cm; Waist: 55-75cm; Hipline: 80-95cm; Recommended Weight: 110-130lb
XL – Height: 165-175cm; Waist: 75-90cm; Hipline: 95-110cm; Recommended Weight: 130-160lb

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