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Econuvo Smart Steam Sterilizer with Dryer (ECO 213)

Econuvo Smart Steam Sterilizer with Dryer (ECO 213)

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Introducing the 5in1 Smart Steam Sterilizer with Dryer: the ultimate and convenient sterilizer and dryer for your baby's bottles. This all-in-one device boasts a complete set of features, from sterilization to drying plus an extra milk warmer and food dehydrator function. It has a touch control panel, bottle holder, three-layer storage, HEPA Filter and Smart Protection for added safety. Make baby bottle sterilization hassle-free with this amazing device.


  • TOUCH CONTROL PANEL - Easy to use with digital LED display that shows the current function and time.

  • KEEP WARM - Keep your items warm and sterilized for 24 hours.

  • HEPA Filter - Purifies and protects against harmful PM2.5, bacteria, and germs.

  • BOTTLE HOLDER WITH ROUND ANGLE - Designed to circulate warm air efficiently to dry your items completely.

  • THREE LAYER STORAGE SPACE - Customizable according to your needs. It can fit up to 8 different types of bottles at the same time.

  • SMART PROTECTION - Equipped with advanced thermostat and auto shut off feature when the device is too hot.


  • Sterilize + Dry - After sterilizing the baby bottles, utensils and other accessories, it will automatically enter into drying mode.

  • Sterilize - Releases and circulate steam to sterilize tableware, utensils, baby bottles and other accessories.

  • Dry - Circulates warm clean air to dry the items inside.

  • Keep Warm - Keep the items clean and warm for 24 hours.

  • Milk Warmer - Warms milk in 3-5 minutes

  • Fruit Dehydrator - Easily make dried fruit at home.

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