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Brush-Baby Flossbrush - 0-3 Years

Brush-Baby Flossbrush - 0-3 Years

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The Flossbrush is perfectly designed as a Starter Brush. Specially designed with a short neck and round body to avoid possible jarring of the mouth associated with long handle toothbrush designs.

We’ve added a soft textured surface on the handle to help relieve gum irritation and unique ‘DeepClean’ long tapered bristles to reach in between teeth ensuring a really good clean.

Your little one’s journey from baby teeth to adult teeth is as individual as they are, so our products have been developed with their individual stage in mind. We know what it takes to give your babies, toddlers and young children the best start with their oral health and encourage them to develop healthy brushing habits. The FlossBrush has a soft, bi-level elongated bristle design to help clean between teeth and combat decay. The bi-level bristle arrangement has been shown as significantly more effective for removing plaque from the interproximal areas between teeth. Suitable for children from 0-3 years.

Why You’ll Love it:
– Easy to hold ‘Grip ‘n’ Chew’ handle
– Elongated tapered Bi-level bristle and small soft bristle brush head
– Short bristles clean the surface of teeth
– Long bristles reach between teeth and into the gingival margin
– Natural rubber easy-grip handle
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