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Brush-Baby Firstbrush - 2-pack

Brush-Baby Firstbrush - 2-pack

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The Brush-Baby FirstBrush is an ideal starter toothbrush for you to brush your baby’s first tiny teeth, giving your baby a gentle start to toothbrushing as part of their daily grooming routine. Unlike traditional baby and toddler toothbrushes or finger brushes, the FirstBrush has a tiny brush head, making it just the right size to perfectly fit little baby mouths. Soft bristles are gentle on new baby teeth and teething gums. The lightweight slim handle is designed for you to hold, making it easy for you to clean your baby’s first tiny front teeth. It enables access to hard to reach back gums and teeth which are sometimes difficult to reach with conventional teethers/toothbrushes. Its long-handled toothbrush for adult hands to ensure correct tooth bushing and established an early oral care routine. Suitable from 0 – 18 months.

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