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Brush-Baby Chewable Toothbrush

Brush-Baby Chewable Toothbrush

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The Chewable Toothbrush is an ideal alternative to a traditional toothbrush or a baby finger brush. For teething babies and toddlers who are reluctant to let you brush, try giving them the Chewable with a smear of Brush-Baby toothpaste at brushing time. Specially designed to clean teeth and massage and soothe teething gums whilst it is chewed, the gum-shaped design perfectly fits little mouths. Can be cooled in the fridge or used with Brush-Baby teething toothpaste to soothe sore teething gums. This product is suitable from 10 – 36 months. The handle is perfect for older babies and toddlers to hold, or can be attached to a dummy clip so that your little one is never without it. A lifesaver product for teething babies and toddlers, the Chewable Toothbrush is an ideal baby shower gift for expectant mums. Durable and hard-wearing, with no plastic bristles that can splay or fall out, the Chewable Toothbrush is made from the highest grade medical silicone, is BPA-free and has been tested to EU standards.

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