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Biolane Expert BIO Cicabebe (Soothing Repair Balm)

Biolane Expert BIO Cicabebe (Soothing Repair Balm)

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Biolane's Organic Soothing Repair Balm prevents and relieves minor skin complaints in babies (localised dryness, irritation around the mouth, cradle cap).

Fragrance- and preservative-free, it works effectively against dryness and localised irritation from the first application.

For localised dryness: petroleum jelly, the main ingredient, moisturizes, nourishes intensively and targets dry areas.

For irritation around the mouth: the active ingredients bisabolol and phytosterol, renowned for their soothing qualities, effectively relieve and repair irritation in this area.

For cradle cap: the rich formula is perfect for softening flaky skin and helping to remove it.

The nozzle ensures that just the right amount is dispensed for a precise application.
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