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Driven Toys

Driven Toys Orange Recycling Truck (Standard Series)

Driven Toys Orange Recycling Truck (Standard Series)

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Keep your town tidy with the Recycling Truck from DRIVEN by Battat! This orange toy truck is packed with cool features for hours of playtime. The doors open so you can see the detailed interior, and you can tilt the cab to check out the engine. Want to hear it rev? Press on the roof! You can also tap the steering wheel to honk the horn or flash the headlights, so the neighbors will know it’s time to take out the trash! This toy vehicle comes with two bins – attach them to the loading rack, just like a real recycling truck. Don’t forget to pop out the detachable broomstick to keep everything clean!

DRIVEN by Battat toys are built for real playtime, with durable features that don’t break easily. Check out the other sturdy vehicles available in the Standard Series range. Stay DRIVEN, because the crew depends on you!

Dimensions: 21.10 inch x 7.50 inch x 10.50 inch
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