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Baby Banz Trolley Snug Shopping Cart Cover

Baby Banz Trolley Snug Shopping Cart Cover

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Baby Banz created their line of sunglasses in 2001, to protect the eyes of little ones, in Australia! Now world renowned, they've extended their brand to include the Trolley Snug; the perfect supermarket accessory! Strap your little one into the comfy quilted seat, with the reassurance your little cherub will have a reduced exposure to bacteria! Plus it converts into a nappy bag, with multiple compartments to fit their favourite toys, wipes, bottles and more!

- Fits on baby cradle, trolley and highchair
- Covers entire shopping trolley seating area - sides, back + front!
- Converts into a nappy bag
- Multiple compartments
- Reduces the exposure to bacteria
- Waterproof base
- Heavily padded
- Nappy bag attached
- Covers the whole seat
- Independent straps and seatbelt
- One piece construction
- Elastic toy loops

Cold wash only
Dimensions: 92cm (W) x 84cm (H) x 34cm (D)

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