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Birthing Circle

My Birth as a Mother Journal

My Birth as a Mother Journal

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This journal focuses on you as a mother:
What you want your birth to be like,
How you want to care for your child,
How you want to be supported, and
How you intend to take care of yourself, while pregnant, as you give birth, and after giving birth.

A5 size, hardbound cover, 100gsm journal paper

The journal itself contains input on self-love practices during pregnancy, birthing & postpartum, and it is accompanied by a deck of cards where you will find prompts for:

• Tuning in to and reflecting on how you are feeling
• Finding ways to nurture yourself and replenish your cup as a mother
• Preparing your mind, heart, and body for your birth of choice, and your motherhood journey
• Preparing your village of support for pregnancy, birthing, and postpartum

You will also find guides for:
• Determining your birthing preferences
• Learning to trust, find comfort and relax into the birthing process
• Eating consciously during pregnancy and postpartum
• Movement to keep fit and to increase body awareness
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