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Cuddledry Cuddlepony Toddler Bath Towel (Horse)

Cuddledry Cuddlepony Toddler Bath Towel (Horse)

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Suitable from walking age to 3yrs.

60% more absorbent than pure cotton.

Cuddledry was founded in 2006 by us two mums and long term friends after the births of our first children. After realising everyone faced the same stressful juggling act with towel and baby at bathtime, they decided there was a simple solution to make everyone’s lives easier and safer.

Recommended by parents, carers, midwives & maternity nurses – there is a reason why Cuddledry baby towels have won over 100 awards for being a baby essential, & best gift for newborns. Turns struggles into snuggles at baby bathtime.
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