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Bellini Sea Sponge

Bellini Sea Sponge

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Bellini Sea Sponge is a natural 'honeycomb' sponge from the Mediterranean Sea that adds a wonderful softness to bath time. Perfect for baby and anyone with sensitive skin. Natural sea sponges from the Mediterranean Sea of the "Honeycomb" quality are well known thanks to their softness and endurance, and are particularly valued for babies', children's and grown-ups' care.

A real jewel from the sea!

Benefits of sea sponges:
- Eco-Friendly & Natural. The Sea Sponge is a renewable natural resource. While harvesting, divers are careful to ensure that the base of the sponge remains intact. This puts into motion its natural reproduction.

- Quality & Safety. Used since ancient times, the superiority of the Natural Sea Sponge is unmatched. Sea sponges are highly absorbent, create a luxurious lather, are softly textured, and are suitable for the most sensitive of skin. Natural sponges are more durable and last longer than synthetic sponges because they are more resistant to abrasion. They have been known to last as long as 8 years!

- Best for Babies. The Natural Sea Sponge protects baby's delicate skin and is suitable for all ages. The sponges have been carefully chosen to be the perfect hand-held size for washing and are as soft as silk when wet. That's why the experts agree that sea sponges are the best choice for infants and young children.

- Made in Italy
- Dermatologically tested
- Small sea-weeds and imperfections are signs of authenticity of the natural sponge

For 0 months and above
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