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Bebebalm Skin Care



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Sleep happy. Wake up happy. Bebesleep combines gentle aromatherapy with acupressure to help promote deep sleep for friends of all ages.


• Acupressure Massage oil that helps promote deep sleep and relaxation. Spray 30 to 60 minutes before intended sleep time.

• Chillax - Naturally helps relax and calm with gentle essential oils for sensitive skin.

• Acupressure - Designed to be massaged on acupressure points for happier sleep.

• Nourish - Naturally rich in skin nutrients & antioxidants, it's quickly absorbed to nourish skin deep within. This promotes healthier skin.


• Babies: 1-2 sprays - Spray once on front and back of shirt's chest area. Test on small area of the fabric first and launder immediately after use, to test if it won't stain.

• Kids: 1-3 sprays - You can massage on different parts of the body, no need to use all at once. Kids could be ticklish, so be gentle. Based on reviews, 1 to 3 sprays total is usually enough to use.

Soles of Feet - Spray on palms, gently rub on soles of feet and use your thumbs to massage the soles.

Belly rub - Spray on palms. Gently rub in slow, clockwise downward motion.

Vertical leg rub - Spray on palms. Put a palm on each side on the leg, while the kid is lying down. From upper leg, rub straight down to the feet, in downward direction (Do NOT rub up and down). Repeat until your child calms down.

• Adults: 5-8 sprays -

Belly rub - Spray on palms. Rub belly in slow, gentle but firm clockwise downward motion. Spray on the back of the ear (perfume point), then use two fingers of each hard to apply firm but gently pressure. Massage in circular motion.

For the Temples - Apply Bebebsleep on the fingertips. Massage temples in firm but gentle circular motion.

For Relaxing - Massage on nape, neck, and wrist perfume points.

For breathing in - Spray on palms, rub together, then cup hands over nose and mouth and inhale deeply and slowly.

• Try the acupressure massages for kids on yourself too.
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