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Euphoric Herbals

Euphoric Herbals Headache Releaf Tea

Euphoric Herbals Headache Releaf Tea

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A delightful herbal tea blend, can be drank hot or iced. This blend of herbal nervines will ease headaches, migranes and hormonal pregnancy headaches. Drink as needed.

Organic Ingredients: Lemon Balm leaf, Lavender flowers, Skullcap leaf, Passionflower leaf, Peppermint leaf, Citrus peel and a hint of stevia powder.

Directions: Steep 1 tbsp loose tea in 8oz water for 10-20 mins. To prepare herbal infusion, a strong medicinal tea, steep 3-4 hours at room temperature, 1/2-1oz per quart of water. Drink as needed. Can be served hot or iced

Approximately 10-14 cups per bag.
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