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Clayy Rose Pots

Clayy Rose Pots: Stew Pot

Clayy Rose Pots: Stew Pot

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Clayy Rose Pots brings premium clay pottery for your everyday cooking needs!

Advantages of Clay Pots:

Clay is a porous material which, when saturated with water and heated on the gas stove, provides slow evaporation of steam from the pores. This creates a moist enclosed environment that results in increased flavour and healthier foods.

It seals all the nutrients inside the pot by locking steam in. Because of the lid, the steam cannot escape the pot and is directed back into the food which eliminates the loss of water-soluble nutrients.

Clay pots are 100% free of toxins and no metal reactions occur, leaving you with the pure taste of your food alone.

Clay pots add many important nutrients like calcium, phosphorous, iron, magnesium and sulfur to food, which are
extremely beneficial to our body. Clay also neutralizes the acidity in the food, which makes it easier for us to digest.

Oil is also not necessary for cooking in a clay pot and thus, it is observed that food cooked in clay pots are much lower in fat than food prepared in any other method.

Care Instructions: Do not use soap or detergent - the soap will soak into the pores of the clay pots and may leach into your food. Use scalding hot water and a stiff brush to clean.

Maximum heat: Maximum hear capacity for clay pots is 250 degrees Celsius. Make sure you turn up the heat gradually. Sudden change in temperature may cause breakage in the pot.
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